India Impact Initiative

Since 2007 New Hope Diamond Head has been partnering with The Children’s Home in Mussoorie, India. This ministry was started in 1998 by Brother Joseph as part of a Division of Foreign Mission of the Assembly of God.

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Taiwan Impact Initiative

In 2010 New Hope Diamond Head planted a new church in the heart of Taipei City. Pastors Steven and Joyce Hsiao lead a great team that is making a huge difference in Taiwan. Our church supports New Hope Taiwan spiritually and financially.

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Haiti Impact Initiative

In 2010, after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, our church mobilized resources and people to shine the light of Jesus in this impoverished nation. Currently we have three missionaries serving in Haiti in partnership with Foursquare Missions. The focus is to bring hope and to rebuild churches and homes.

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Japan Impact Initiative

On March 11, 2011 the northeastern region of Japan, known as Tohoku, was devastated by tsunami waves reaching heights of 130+ feet and traveling up to 10 miles inland which was generated by the most powerful earthquake known to hit Japan. In addition to lives lost, thousands became instantly homeless and unemployed. Since then, our church has sent mission teams to the region bringing relief, comfort and the love of Jesus to the people. Our missionaries and supporters have also hosted families from the area for respite and assisted a church in the region.

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Missions Sign Up

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